Art as an Agent for Change is shuttin’ it down with another edition of the Shutdown Magazine. In order to make this issue a success, we need your photos, still images of your visual art, poetry, short stories, and testimonies about your efforts to make a difference using your artistic passion.

Submit your unpublished work to us at The submission deadline is May 31, 2011.

We’ll update you when we receive your work and let you know if you made it into the mag.

The Shutdown is A.A.C.’s arts and activism magazine that exists to:
1. Encourage adolescent and adult literacy.
2. Connect our contributors to the literary wealth of the world.
3. Advocate social uplift through education and the arts.

Your contribution to the magazine will help us tell the story of the collective movement to reshape the world through our artistic collaboration and connections.

You can check out our first issue here: Shutdown Magazine Spring 2011
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