Choose a program from the list below to provide an unforgettable learning experience for your scholars


Option 1: An A.A.C. Shutdown (A.A.C.’s STREAM Workshop Visits)


-Where’s My Energy? (Ages 4-10)

Students explore the dynamics of kinetic and potential energy in this physics workshop that features Ramps and Roller Coasters.

*Push or Pull Art (Ages 3-6)

Scholars use the power of physics  to create unique art work that they can take home or display in their classroom

-*Gravity, Gravity, Gravity (Ages 3-6)

Scholars harness the power of gravity and teamwork to effortlessly create their very own works of art


-Magic Boxes (Ages 4-6)

Students explore shapes, colors, numbers, and problem- solving in this journey through the magic of early mathematics.

-Art and Early Mathematics: Penelope’s Puzzle Quest (Shapes and Tangrams) (Ages 5-10)            

Delve into the the world of problem solving and mathematics as students use their spatial and mathematics reasoning skills to help Penelope on her perilous puzzle journey.


-*Let’s Build, Build, Build! (Ages 4-10)

Students explore the six simple machines in this hands on engineering workshop.

Chemical Reactions: 

-*Slime, Explosions, and Lava  (Ages 4-10)

Explore kid friendly chemical reactions in this journey through early chemistry.

*Includes take-home artifact

Workshop Pricing:

1 Workshop: $125 plus mileage and tax (1-25 students)

Additional Workshops: $60 (1-25 Students)

Option 2 : Mutli-Week STREAM Workshop Series (Ages 4-10)

A.A.C. visits your school once per week to provide hands on STREAM Workshops with subject matter including: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Technology, and Earth Science. Each workshop includes an ART and Language component that taps into your students’ creativity and builds their vocabulary and understanding of the world.

P.S. Ask about our ART only focus if your school needs high quality art instruction.

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