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A.A.C. challenges every learner to embrace the power of ART,  Science, and Literacy to unleash the full potential of their education.

Mingling and intermixing art with all subjects are the life-bread of our organization and each day we strive to share our talents with the world.

Join us on this journey. Email us to set up your workshop today.

Program List

Multi-Week Workshop Series: We tailor make a STREAM Curriculum for you and your scholars. We provide instructors, materials, and weekly workshops that foster the exploration of science and art with your scholars.

Special STREAM Programs

  1. Physics: Where’s My Energy? Fun with Ramps and Roller Coasters (Ages 4-10)
  2. Art and Early Mathematics: Magic Boxes (Ages 4-6)
  3. Art and Early Mathematics:  Penelope’s Puzzle Quest (Shapes and Tangrams) (Ages 4-10)
  4. Engineering: Let’s Build, Build, Build! (Ages 5-10)
  5. Chemical Reactions:  Slime, Explosions, and Lava  (Ages 4-10)
  6. Poetry, Poetry, Poetry (Middle School, High School, College, and Adults only)

To book your workshop please email us at or give us a call at 404.692.4046