The mission to educate, inspire, and entertain is climbing to new heights in 2010.

What’s in store?

A.A.C. is kicking off the year with a visit to Augusta, Ga.’s MLK Day Parade and a visit to an MLK Day of Service event at the Lyndon House Art Center hosted by William Montu Miller in Athens, Ga.

January 20, 2010, we’ll host our first Open Mic Poetry Jam at Blackbird Coffee, Milledgeville. The evening will feature poet extraordinaire Al Corum headlining the poetic line-up.

In February, we’ll give you a double dose of feature poetry nights with the Poet/Activist, Life, author of the book, The Tree of Life. The double dose will finish up with a special guest poet that is guaranteed to stimulate your poetic juices.

We’ve also chosen February as the month for our Worth a Thousand Words Campaign. GCSU Students, Faculty, Staff, or anyone who is interested will be asked to take a picture with someone they don’t know, write a caption for the photo, and send it to us at A.A.C. The person who takes the winning photo will receive $50.00 and the photos will be presented at an exhibition March 15, 2010.

And speaking of March, March 17 we will host The Brawl, Milledgeville’s first team Poetry Slam at Blackbird Coffee. All proceeds from the event will go to the School for School’s chapter at GCSU.

And last but not least, the finale!

The Poetic Notions Youth Poetry slam will be returning to Milledgeville, bringing you Middle Georgia’s finest teen poets. And the event you’ve all been waiting for, Poetic Notions 2010 will close out the season of change with a feature line up guaranteed to leave you breathless.

We look forward to shutting your city down!!!