Book an A.A.C. Workshop for your Students


In a effort to provide support to classroom teachers, and share, founder, Paul Ayo’s intense love of education, A.A.C. seeks classrooms for workshops.

Paul Ayo, the founder of Art as an Agent for Change has been sharing his love for poetry with his students and community for the past seven years and he wants to visit your classroom and share his enthusiasm and experience with your students.

From Paul Ayo

Writing this post in the third-person was challenging, and I often find that I have to distance myself from my work to remain objective. With that said and the formalities thrown aside, I want to have a blast with your students. I enjoy teaching and I want to make the world my classroom. If you’ve got a space in your lesson plan for a poetry workshop with Paul Ayo, I’d love to fill it.

I founded A.A.C. as a way to cut through the formalities that often get in the way of education. I like to teach through relevant representation and active engagement, and I have found that Art is the perfect method to engage all your students’ senses.

Let’s talk! Booking a workshop is really simple. We can get started today.