When beginning the artist journey to forge human connections that make a difference in our world, identifying your fans, friends, and folks is just as important as developing a remarkable mission. Classifying the types of people that support your mission will enable you to better manage your human resources. It’s important to note that these categories aren’t mutually exclusive and some people will either be a friend, fan, or folk on a varying basis.


Fans are supporters who attend events and support your cause occasionally. Fans generate a buzz about your cause and can make your organization a household name. This category usually encompasses the vast majority of people who support your endeavors and they are an extremely valuable portion part of your base. Without fans your volunteer projects, special events, and fundraisers would fall flat on their face. Fans also tell their friends about your cause and generate leads back to your organization. Building a fan base is an important part of generating awareness and an impact with your endeavors.


Your friends are the people who support your cause, make donations, may attend events, and they’ll tell others about what you do. These folks won’t come to every meeting and they won’t be at every rally, but they’ll support you and your cause when they have time and can make a commitment to help. This group is small than your fan base but includes local businesses, good politicians, university professors, other organizers, and people with resources that you may need to deepen the impact of your programming. Having lots of good friends is essential to the effectiveness of any grassroots movement.


This is a small and highly specialized group of individuals that support your cause. These people usually make up the staff of your organization. This group represents the adamant supporters who champion the mission of your organization no matter where they go. Use this group wisely.  Their talents vary and organizing this group into a lean-mean-mission-fulfilling-machine can be challenge. A good leader will meet the challenge of getting this group headed in the right direction.   A great leader gets this group moving  and then gets out of their way, so everyone can work towards the greater good.


Some people will remain within the confines one of these groups, other people won’t. It’s important to note, life is a cross-section of many experiences and human beings are inconsistent little buggers, but your movement,  your fans, your friends, and your folks are inspired by your consistency.

A. Friend for Change
B. Volunteer for Change
C. Advocate for Change
D. Agent for Change