A.A.C. is always on the lookout for artists seeking to deepen the impact that art provides for our world. This past weekend A.A.C Founder/Director Paul Ayo had the opportunity to meet-up with a group of Atlanta artists from Dodekapus and Living Walls. The meeting took place at a Carnival that served as a benefit for the upcoming Living Walls Conference on Street Art and Urbanism.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Monica Campana, Coordinator of Atlanta’s Living Walls Conference. We also had the chance to speak with a founding member of Dodekapus, Melanka Joy. You can check out their vid below.

(Photo: Monica Campana, Living Walls Organizer)

Living Walls brings artists from all over the world to Atlanta to create Street Art and host discussions on the impact of public art and how it’s reshaping urban space. This year’s Living Walls Conference is scheduled to take place August 12-14 in Atlanta, Ga. You can check out the Living Walls website HERE if you’d like to learn more about the conference.

It was awesome to see two arts organizations collaborating to build a strong community centered effort in Atlanta, GA. Emily Fisher, Living Walls and Dodekapus supporter said, “Living Walls highlights arts in the city, building more respect for street art.” She also mentioned, “Dodekapus has been extra supportive… without them, it [Living Walls] wouldn’t happen.”

(Photo: Melanka Joy, Founding Member Dodekapus and Paul Ayo, Exec Director A.A.C.)

In addition to posing in a really cool wig, I also had the opportunity to bump into some really cool people. I’ll let them tell you a little about themselves and the Carnival.

Collaboration is one of the pillars of A.A.C. and we couldn’t resist the urge to agree to volunteer for the Living Walls Conference this August 12-14. ATL, get ready for a Shutdown!