What We Do

A.A.C. provides groundbreaking STREAM workshops for your scholars

STREAM is a cross-section of STEM education that  integrates ART and Literacy as a means to engage learners and provide dynamic, hands-on learning experiences. A.A.C. provides STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, ART, and Mathematics) programming to schools, daycares, camps, after-school programs or any educational center.

After you choose your workshop, our instructors pack-up supplies and hit the road to your center. Once we arrive, we dive into fun exploration with your students. We have a wide variety of programs that meet Georgia’s GELD Standards and Georgia’s Standards for Excellence.

Choose a program from the list below and provided an unforgettable learning experience for your students


Option 1 : Mutli-Week STREAM Workshop Series (Recommended) (Ages 4-10)

A.A.C. visits your school once per week to provide hands on STREAM Workshops with subject matter including: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Technology, and Earth Science. Each workshop includes an ART component that taps into your students’ creativity and offers opportunities for creative and scientific exploration.

P.S. Ask about our ART or Science focus for your workshops


Option 2: An A.A.C. Shutdown (A.A.C.’s One-Time Workshop Visits)

-Physics: Where’s My Energy? (Ages 4-10)

Students explore the dynamics of kinetic and potential energy in this physics workshop that features Ramps and Roller Coasters.

-Mathematics: Magic Boxes (Ages 4-6)

Students explore shapes, colors, numbers, and problem solving in this journey through the magic of early mathematics.

-Engineering: Let’s Build, Build, Build! (Ages 4-10)

Students explore the six simple machines in this hands on engineering workshop.

-Art and Early Mathematics:¬† Penelope’s Puzzle Quest (Ages 5-10)

Delve into the the world of problem solving and mathematics as students use their spatial and mathematics reasoning skills to help Penelope on her perilous journey.

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