What is Art as an Agent for Change, Inc.?

Art as an Agent for Change, Inc. (A.A.C.) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that changes the way you use ART to educate, inspire, and engage. This organization was founded in 2006 and has developed a mission that supports hands on learning, collaboration, community engagement, and improving education through dynamic and engaging learning experiences.


The Idea behind The Movement!

We use ART to educate, inspire, and engage.

Art as an Agent for Change, Inc. (A.A.C.) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that builds and provides groundbreaking learning experiences through the power of STREAM (ART, Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, and Mathematics). Founded in 2006, A.A.C. has developed a mission that supports artistic collaboration, community engagement, arts activism, and improving education through the power of ART.

In the Spring of 2006, an organization originating from the mind of Paul Ayo was brought to life by a ragtag band of student volunteer talent. On March 16, 2010 Art as an Agent for Change, Inc. received its tax exempt status and since it has delved into the world of art and education designing dynamic experiences for young learners, teens, and adults.  A.A.C works daily to embody its mission to use ART as a means to reshape the educational landscape of our world.



Paul Ayo

Founder and Director of Art as an Agent for Change

 As the result of a freak educational experiment, Paul Ayo was born. By day, he is a mild mannered citizen. By night, he is a nightmare to injustice, ally to civic engagement, and relentless in his pursuit of a better world.

Paul Ayo was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Paul received his B.A. in Creative Writing along with a minor in African American Studies and certification in Nonprofit Management from Georgia College and State University.  He also received his M.A.T from Georgia College. Although Paul explored literacy and language during his college years, his love for science has always permeated his work in education. Paul states, “Providing educational experiences that promote literacy across disciplines, builds spatial and mathematical reasoning skills, explores scientific knowledge, and intermingles art with all of these subcategories of education are the keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe.”

Paul has developed new programs that foster the synergy of art, mathematics, science, engineering, and literacy to reshape curriculum and build engaged and proactive thinkers for 21st century learning

Paul has devoted his life to the relentless pursuit of a better educated world. He believes that when the time is right, we all find and fulfill our true purpose in life.