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Make A.A.C. Your STEAM ED Partner

A.A.C. has all-new STREAM Workshops for your early learners.

Our focus is hands on learning that provides early learners the opportunity to explore the foundational elements of art and science to enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Each of our workshops is a challenge based activity that utilizes all of the senses to get kids engaged and involved in the learning process.

A.A.C. creates dynamic and engaging learning experiences to fulfill our mission to change the way you use ART to educate, inspire, and engage your scholars.

STEAM and STREAM Education with A.A.C.


The power of STEAM is rocket fuel for education. Explore new opportunities in STEAM and STREAM learning with your scholars. Visit this link to learn more about incorporating dynamic education experiences into your daily curriculum.



A.A.C. Seeks Atlanta Area Art and Science Agents


A.A.C. seeks Agents for our upcoming summer STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Art, and Math) initiative. Our all-new STREAM Initiative brings art and literacy to the center of the STEM movement emphasizing the impact creativity and literacy has on hands-on learning and discovery.

If you’re interested, please send a copy of your cover letter and resume to We’ll provide more information about becoming an Agent and working toward lasting change in our communities.

Our training process is rigorous, rewarding and solely for those committed to building a better world. Qualified candidates have at least 2 years experience in art or science education, camp counseling, academic instruction, or curriculum design and implementation.

A.A.C. Crowns 2014 Bad Mamma Jones


A.A.C. crowns Ryan Jones the 2014 Bad Mamma Jamma. Featuring 10 contestants from Middle Georgia, Mercer University, and Georgia College,  Jones boasts three near perfect scores to take home the grand prize. The Bad Mamma Jamma is Middle Georgia’s only regional poetry slam. Slam is the competitive art of spoken word where poets compete for prizes and bragging rights. The Bad Mamma Jamma slam began in 2010 to encourage literacy, create a safe space for adult and youth expression, and deepen the impact of human connections.  Join us for A.A.C.’s next poetry jam November, 19 at Blackbird Coffee Featuring Logan Cook.


P.S. Stay up to date about upcoming A.A.C. events by liking our fanpage and volunteering for A.A.C. events.



A.A.C. Celebrates Eight Years of Activism

photo 3

A.A.C.’s eighth birthday marks eight years of actively engaging the Milledgeville and Georgia College community with literacy and art based programs. In the photo, current Org Director of the DNSTP Chapter of A.A.C., Ryan Olliffe delivers a slam poem at a poetry night and birthday celebration organized at Georgia College. A.A.C. partnered with Jessica McQuain, executive director of Art and Culture from Georgia College’s Campus Activities Board for the event. The event featured more than 13 performance poets who shared stories and poems about topics ranging from relationships to social justice.

A.A.C. works diligently to strengthen the impact of art and education by creating safe spaces for the development of collaborative art and education programs. Founded in 2006, A.A.C. continues its mission to build lasting human connections that support our endeavors to create a better world.

Stay tuned for our next big event, A.A.C.’s  2014 Bad Mamma Jamma Slam, 8pm, October 15 at Blackbird Coffee, Milledgevile.

A.A.C. Poetry Jamz Featuring Harrison Thacker


16 OS also known as Harrison Thacker delivers a moving performance at A.A.C.’s Poetry Jamz at Blackbird Coffee this past Wednesday. A standing room only crowd hovered about the door to get a glimpse of the sultry and meaningful stylings of 16 OS.

You can find more photoz at A.A.C.’s Flickr page including photoz of our fantastic open mic performers.

Our next Poetry Jam isn’t a Jam at all, it’s a slam. Oct. 15 the Bad Mamma Jamma Slam returns to Milledgeville boasting a huge cash prize for the baddest poet in Milledgeville, Ga.

Stay up to date about every A.A.C. event by liking our fan page.

Poetry Jamz creates a space for meaningful sharing, building interest in the written word, and fostering human connections through the practice of  literacy amongst adults and teens.

“Lasting human connections support every endeavor to create a better world.” — Paul Ayo


A.A.C. Seeks New Leaders


Art as an Agent for Change proudly presents the A.A.C. Institute Saturday, September 20 at Georgia College. The event features a dynamic line-up of workshops designed to engage and challenge young leaders who are seeking to put their passion for art and activism to good use to for their community. The institute is open to participants of all backgrounds and is free of charge.


Our institute challenges young activists with big ideas to fulfill the journey that is lying around in their minds.

The BIG Question

Do you have a passion, but not the direction to start a project?

Perhaps it’s a public art project, a community outreach program, or a tradition you’ve been meaning to introduce.

The A.A.C. institute connects young passionate individuals in a day long challenge designed to test, refine, and strengthen the thoughts, actions, and strategies of social activists.

The Institute

Led by A.A.C. founder/executive director, Paul Ayo along with members of A.A.C.’s award-winning Do Not Stop the Progress Chapter, and other dynamic guest speakers, the A.A.C. Institute features challenges, interviews, presentations, discussions, and workshops designed to get ideas flowing and build a lasting network of arts activists

More Details

The A.A.C. institute begins Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 8am. The event is free of charge and limited to twenty participants. Register for the conference by clicking the “Registration”  link below. Artists, activists, organizers, and dreamers, of all walks of life are welcome to attend the institute. Our institute is designed as a the initial step in building human connections that create a better world.




Poetry Jamz 14-15 Season Premiere


A.A.C. begins its new season of Poetry Jamz at Blackbird Coffee with MistaFunn. Also known as Daryl Funn, he is the Slam Master of the Java Monkey Slam Team and founder of the Misadventures of D-Zine Conceptual Design Firm. Mistafunn electrified the crowd with a blend of poetry and bold comedy.


Poetry Jamz is Milledgeville’s longest running open mic series. The event features a new artist each month. Our next Poetry Jamz feature  is MC/Poet Harrison Thacker. He is building a movement with new age hip-hop that supports the soul by offering truth and inspiration for life’s  journey. You can check out Harrison’s set Wednesday, September 17 at 8pm.  Stay tuned for more big events from A.A.C.

The A.A.C. Institute

The A.A.C. Institute

Sign up today!


The award winning nonprofit Art as Agent for Change presents its inaugural A.A.C. Institute. The day long intensive challenges artists, teachers, activists, organizers, and dreamers  to build arts activism communities across the country. The institute starts at 9am September 20, 2014 in the Student Activities Center across from Georgia College’s front campus.

Paul Ayo Visits W.R. Coile Middle School in Athens

IMG_0062 copy

Paul Ayo hosts the poetry workshop titled “My Story My World” at W.R. Coile Middle School. Students participated in a poetry workshop that helped them discover the power of their words and the importance of their personal stories. We believe sharing the lessons of our past are the keys to unlocking a bright future for our youth. Stay purposed on your journey to create a better world.


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